Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schönberg

Molecular imaging and minimal-invasive therapy for oligometastatic patients

(Montag, 10.40 Uhr, Schinkelsaal)

Stefan Schönberg

The initiative “Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment (M2OLIE)” aims to develop a closed-loop treatment process for oligometastatic patients spanning from personalized molecular imaging to target-specific minimally-invasive multimodal therapy. The prerequisite for the precise elimination of the metastases is the detailed tumor characterization. This will be achieved by use of state-of the art navigation by CT, MRI and PET for multiple tissue biopsies in combination with fingerprinting techniques by mass spectrometry and most modern software-based histological tissue characterization with data mining. The entire diagnostic information gained by these techniques will be integrated into a single comprehensive therapeutic modality and will enable focused tumor elimination by radiologicinterventional techniques such as radiofrequency and thermal ablation or minimally-invasive percutaneous radiation therapy. It is expected that for the patient’s benefit, a stabilization of the disease with increased survival times will be achieved by application of these multimodal minimally-invasive therapies with concomitantly fewer side effects and additionally a higher cost-effectiveness. In this context, a careful process analysis of logistical hurdles and an economic assessment of required resources will be carried out.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schönberg

Direktor des Instituts für Klinische Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin, Universitätsmedizin Mannheim