Sherif G. Nour, MD, Professor

Interventional MRI in Clinical Environment - The Emory University Experience

(Dienstag, 11.40 Uhr, Schinkelsaal)
Sherif Nour

The continued growth of the field of interventional MRI (iMRI) is marked by the increasing number of academic institutions with added interventional MRI capabilities, the growing diversity of iMRI applications adopted at these institutions, and the expanding technological innovations that back this growth. Nevertheless, the development of iMRI has not been a uniform process across all of the iMRI applications. Apart from neurosurgical applications, one cannot miss an existing discrepancy between the magnitude of scientific achievements in the field and the actual translation to a mainstream clinical practice. At Emory University, we have established a comprehensive center for MRI-guided interventions that currently operates as a high volume clinical service with routinely scheduled procedures across various disciplines. This presentation will describe the setup of Emory’s Interventional MRI suite and scope of current clinical applications, and will share tips about operation logistics and practice philosophy.


Sherif G. Nour, MD
Emory University Hospitals and School of Medicine, Radiology and Imaging Sciences